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Welcome to Give, a Surrey based volunteer-led charity that began its journey as a Covid help group, dedicated to supporting individuals who may be struggling with their mental health and overall well-being. We believe that early intervention is key to preventing mental health issues from escalating and becoming more serious, and we are committed to providing a safe and supportive space for anyone in our community who may be in need of help.

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Our vision is to create a community where people feel supported and empowered to take control of their mental health and overall well-being. At Give, we want to create an inclusive environment where people can seek help within the community they live in. 

Our mission is to provide simple, early interventions and support to individuals who may be experiencing mental health issues or facing social isolation. Our volunteers do this by offering a range of services and resources that are tailored to the needs of our community. 

GIVE Surrey is thankful for all of the support and donations received. 

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